My upcoming coaching opportunities

Deutsches Coaching:

11. Februar 2023

English Coaching:

March 11th, 2023

1. Setting
Kick-Off is a LIVE online intensive weekend. After that we meet for 6 weeks via Zoom. In this personal round (about 10 participants) we discuss content as well as problems of the last week. During the whole time I will be at your side with messanger support.
2. Content

During the 6 weeks, the following topics will be addressed:

1. Who are you?
What’s your genre, who do you want to deliver to?

2. What’s my brand
How do you create your logo, which colors match, what style do you want to go for?

3. How do I earn money?
Different income streams as artist

3. Online setup and marketing
How to set up Social Media, Website, etc. and what to post

4. First song/other songs/EPs and album – Live single release
How to release a single/an EP and when does it make sense

5. Who do I need and when?
Do you need a booker, management, etc. or should you wait longer?

6. Questions, feedback and connections

3. The coaching is for you when…
For dreamers and doers. For talents who finally want to build something and gain a foothold in the artist industry. Are you tired of always being ridiculed? Then finally make something out of your talent and realize your dream of the music business!

Customer testimonials
What do artists say about the coaching/mentoring?


Not only does Christina Baur have the hands-on experience to know what kind of marketing and communication is required for today’s independent artist, She has her eye on the ever-changing pulse of the music industry and adapts accordingly. I can rest easy knowing she’s on my team!


Coming Soon


Working with Christina has helped me grow my business and grow as an artist—not to mention that it’s been quite enjoyable. I would highly encourage anyone to work with her and benefit from her expertise. 

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