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Welcome to my Single Release Reel Ideas English. This document is a collection of over 100 Reels from different artists that can inspire you to create your own reels. You can find different genres and also some reel ideas from other branches.

Single Release Reel Ideas English is for you when you don’t know what to post or how to promote your single best. It will give you many ideas on how to make your social media account exciting and fill it with quality content without spamming.

This document includes Instagram Reels, TikTok Videos and my advice on which apps to use.

What am I going to get?
– Reels that work during a single release
– Different ideas to start your creative process
– Over 100 different TikTok and Instagram Reels
– Advice which programs to use on your phone and laptop

Who is this for:
– Independent musicians
– Musicians who want to improve their social media
– Musicians who need some inspirations to get creative

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