Single Release Spreadsheet 2023 – English



You are purchasing a Google Docs document that will be constantly updated if there are any changes in how to release a single or album. This spreadsheet will guide you through your single release, which starts 6 weeks before the release and stops one week after.

You will have access to this document for a whole year until I release a new google document for 2024. You will also get a discount code once the new single-release spreadsheet has been released for the following year.

In addition, you can request a first free call with me to figure out what needs to be different for your single releases or to ask me any questions you have regarding your upcoming release or the spreadsheet in general. If you want to use the offer, please send me an email:

You will learn:
– How to release a single in 2023
– What distribution platforms are out there
– Which marketing efforts need to be done
– When to do what during a single or album release period

This is an amazing product for:
– Independent musicians
– Artists who want to release their first single
– Artists who are lost during a single-release period
– Artists who want to get more fans and listeners

More info

Please contact me if you have any other questions:


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